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Geolink Mobile Apps, how to use them?

Geolink offers two different mobile apps, both available for iOS and Android:

  • Geolink Tracker: used as a simple tracker for your mobile device.
  • Geolink Driver: used as a mobile interface for your Geolink account and to check-in/check-out drivers.

Geolink Tracker

Geolink Tracker is a simple app you can use to test Geolink service if you do not have any hardware tracker or you want to monitor a mobile device. Becuase it converts your mobile device to a tracker it must be added to your system following the same procedure to add a hardware tracker:

  • The phone's UID is displayed on the screen, use it as device IMEI. Add it to your account following the standard procedure.
  • The remote key displayed on the screen, it will be randomly generated.
  • In case you reinstall the app, you will need to change the remote key in Geolink unit options.
  • All communications are encrypted with SSL.
  • The app saves battery life by sending the location only when the phone is moving.

Geolink Driver

You can use Geolink Driver only after the Geolink account has been created and when you have trackers enabled in your account.

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